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Do you have the moxie to attend?

More info to come!






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deviantART Headquarters for the Annual "International Draw-a-Jockey-Naked Month" of the Equine Art Community; a traditional month long draw-a-thon celebrating the human athletes behind equine sports.
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May 31, 2012


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54 Members
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In case anyone would wonder - FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THE WORD

Do you have the moxie to attend?

Now in its fourth official year, DAJN is even bigger and better (and more experienced.)

What is DAJN?
DAJN is just what it sounds like. A series of equine art community-wide events involving naked jockeys, and naked grooms, and naked vets, and naked owners, etc (in the begining only throughout the month of October). Participants draw their fictional characters in the buff (keep in mind though, that your entries must abide by dA rules, characters may not be minors, may not be engaged in sexual activity, and our male members may not attention.)

Most participants choose to have their "jockeys" (or riders, handlers, owners, grooms etc) tastefully covered and most choose to go with a fictional character of their own or one they invent on a whim. While you can't be barred from artistically stripping Garrett Gomez or Frankie Dettori or Channing Hill or Chantal Sutherland, be aware that any "real life" jock may discover what you have created or, hell, the rest of the internet, and we choose not to accept them here.

It's for this reason most participants choose to go with fictional creations. Still so long as the deviations and characters obey dA's rules...any thing goes for the most part. This isn't HARPG. If your jockey is part dragon...Don't care. Navi? Why not. Submit them.

All entries containing mature content MUST be labeled for it.

Failure to abide by the rules will mean that your submission will be declined.

We would like to emphasize that you can participate in as many events as you like. If you don't have the time and only want to submit to the Annual Strip, or the party, or another event that's totally cool. Just participate! If you're a social butterfly and want to be there for every event, do that too! DAJN is COMMUNITY WIDE (not just harpg), and we've had artists who aren't equine artists participate annually too. It's flexible, it's free, it's fun and it only comes once a year!!! 


This year's events will include as always 

The Annual Official Strip - this year filled with gangsters, molls, flappers etc - here you can place the 2013 portrait of your people dressed in true 1920ies fashion (or just their normal smexyness ;)).

The DAJN THEME Party: The Roaring Twenties - Its time for THE party of the year!!! (see below for more info)

But DAJN 2013 also invites you to specially made-up events only for DAJN (see below). During the DAJN period post at least one new deviation of one of your characters or simply art of for example a jockey in the creative!

Participating in DAJN.
Participation in all classes for a total of four entries are encouraged but not required. And truth be told you're not just limited to four. Submit as many as you like.) All entries must be submitted to the ANNUAL STRIP 2013 folder for inclusion in the official roster of participants.

Examples of what we saw last year:

DAJN 2012 - I wanna see your... by decors:thumb307268238:

Mature Content

DAJN 2012- Jockey Affair by fulociraptor

Mature Content

DAJN 2012: Leaps and Bounds by Rosela

The DAJN Event Series

This year we go back in time and offer you 1920ies themed events, but like previous years they still require participants and horses to be in the buff (limited tack no saddles). Full body is not required, preserving modesty via conveniently placed hair or mane, etc is acceptable as well. 

Art Deco Pole bending - a timed event that features a horse and one mounted rider, running a weaving or serpentine path around six poles arranged in a line. (! in line with the Art Deco style the poles is colorful, vivid and high-contrast

The Great Gatsby Derby - trotting/pacing race (ie class will be devided into two classes so please mark if your entery is (T)rotting or (P)acing.

Do the Charleston - kür (dressage to music, you can only use music from this era ie 1920-29)

All that Jazz - fancy dress halterclass where handlers dress themselves and their horses up in something to do with the era ie a style from 1920-29

All entries must be original (no lineart accepted), and new...created specifically for this event. Traditional, Digital, and Photomanips (with proper credit) are accepted. 

Entries must be submitted to the DAJN EVENTS 2013
gallery subfolder prior to the entry deadline of September 1st.
Only complete entries are accepted.

This means a picture of your horse and rider, with details of the entry in the artist's comment section and a specific mention of its intention for entry into the DAJN Series with a link back to the official journal page. Stories are not required, but everyone loves them.

Remember entries containing mature content must be
labeled appropriately and follow dA's rules.

-Race events will be determined by the traditional RNG race designs employed by #TheQuarterPole

The DAJN THEME Party: The Roaring Twenties

Sheiks, bring your dolled up shebas, ask the Big Cheese to bring his ritzy dame (or her Big six) and come for the best party of the year, have some food and some giggle water at the joint that is really the bee’s knee’s!

The DAJN The Roaring Twenties party is a collaborative event for DAJN. Cross-barn couples are encouraged, but stags are also never know who you might meet! Get together with another artist and create either a double meme deviation in which both styles are merged OR create two deviations, one artist taking on the other's character with theirs. Be creative!

- Characters will be in dressed in anything from that era ie a style from 1920-29, mobster, moll, frapper, well... sky is the limit really.
- You MUST have the permission of your intended partner for all collaborative entries.
- Stag characters must show up at the party with a stuffed animal in their arms. All stuffed animals will be donated to a local children's charity.

The Roaring Twenties party is taking place in a big (hired) club in the evening, decorated in style with the theme.


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CaptainRipper Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never entered this before...
So when we complete an entry, can we just submit it without pre-registration ? :?
decors Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
yepp :) just note or comment with your entery so it can be posted :) All of this is just for the fun and naughty ;)
kindstar1 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
how long does this run for?
1pen Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional Photographer
It was supposed to run only for the summer, but we've opened it up to year round. :)
fabianfucci Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Does zoophilia apply?
1pen Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Professional Photographer
Like Anthro? I don't see why not. We've had dragons and other kinds before. :)
decors Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
WOOOHOOO Cant wait for this PARTY to GET STARTED!!!!!
1pen Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Professional Photographer
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